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Build a communication bridge with your consumers and protect your product from counterfeits.

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What is

An innovative tag that strengthens brand trust and consumer loyalty to your products. SmartTAG uses physical and technical safeguards to keep your goods protected from forgeries.


Unique stained glass pattern on every tag.


Analytical system and blockchain records.

How it Works?
Our client manufactures a product.
Uatag creates a SmartTAG for your product:
  • cryptographically signed product ID;
  • unique stained glass pattern and QR Code;
  • issuance is recorded in the blockchain
Consumer purchases the product:
  • scans the QR-Code;
  • issuance is recorded in the blockchain;
  • activates the purchase by PIN or OTP SMS.
Our client uses the data collected and makes better analytical and marketing decisions.
and Analytical System

Monitor lawful, illegal, and suspicious activities online: product location, number of product scans, pages the user visited, etc. Check ratings and reviews of your products.

Based on the data, you will be able to build better relationships with end consumer.

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Why choose Uatag?
Product Authenticity
Authenticate every single product item anywhere in the world by scanning the SmartTAG.
Increase brand trust and encourage consumer interaction through loyalty programs.
Database and
Customer Identification
Collect data from every single product item and analyze data from every individual consumer all over the world.
Location tracking provides key updates with every product scanning.
Blockchain records provide multi-level reliability and ensure maximum security
Marketing opportunities, product protection, and authenticity check at the best price on the market.
Individual tags can be incorporated into the design of your product

Enhance communication with your clients, build customer loyalty, and increase brand awareness. Motivate your client to interact with the product and reward them with bonuses.

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